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Principles and Values

Principles and Values



The principles are the foundation for all the actions the University takes. We are dedicated to upholding our principles, remaining constantly mindful of them and never compromising them.
Firstly, the University belongs to the solidarity sector, which means it is a social property and its socially-oriented programs and projects are geared towards a population that does not have access to other alternatives in higher education. The University’s goal is to develop the potential of people who benefit from the University’s services and those who have needs that can be met by the university.
 Secondly, ours is a university that aims to facilitate professional development and political awareness, because we believe that politics is the key to encourage participation and focus collective energy, and to provide space for the expression of people’s necessities and aspirations. It is a mechanism for making collective decisions and, in short, it is the way to rethink and restructure society for the good of all.

Third, ours is an open and flexible university, always willing to accept change and to adapt in a critical, thoughtful and analytical way. Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia does not automatically accept current trends or blindly follow in the footsteps of other entities or follow rules without questioning.
Fourth, the university is constantly looking towards the future, which means that its services seek to anticipate society’s needs through preemptive strategies.
Fifth, ours is both a national and regional university, which requires us to reconcile the differences in opinion about what should be done for our country, what our priorities are, and what kind of social commitments we should make. Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia seeks to meld international trends at the local, regional and national level, especially in regards to globalization, and integrates them in a creative way.
And finally, the university believes in and practices Social Responsibility, fulfilling its institutional commitment to the maintenance and support of healthy and fair environments, both public and natural, by maintaining a high level of responsibility and ethics in our professional and academic endeavors with others, now and in the future, with the belief that everyone’s participation is needed to create better, more inclusive world. 


Our principles are solidified in actions that are based on values that allow them to be demonstrated. Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, with the goal of contributing to the training of politically-oriented professionals, that is, citizens that think and act autonomously in regards to societal issues that promote the greater good, maintains the following values:
Solidarity is the most important value of our institution, the foundation of training people to be socially responsible through collaboration and interdisciplinary cooperation.
Equality is demonstrated above all through the offering of services without discrimination on the basis of race, belief, or social background, and as a contribution to the development of democracy.
Respect for diversity, based on the conviction that the diversity of one’s being is a stimulus for development. The basic value of considering different realities and individual conditions of its members and the different forms of organization at the local, regional, and national level that characterizes its centers. Its development also implies tolerance and pluralism.

Freedom represents an inherent value for humanity to seek the truth without limitations, to foster learning and the progress of society. This implies the awareness of the subject regarding one’s interests, rights, political responsibilities with a high sense of collective responsibility.